Do you dream of being on podcasts so you can reach your ideal clients and grow your thought leadership?

If your answer is yes, I want to teach you how.

In my course Purposeful Podcast Guest I will show you:

  • How to create podcast pitches that get YES’s from podcast hosts

  • How to navigate iTunes to get on the best shows

  • How to use podcast interviews to create demand for your coaching and digital training programs

  • What tech you need to sound like a seasoned pro

  • How to get ready for the BIG day so you make the most out of your opportunity

Hi, I’m Courtney Bentley,

host of The Fit Fierce and Fabulous Podcast a top-ranked health podcast on Itunes! I’ve spent the last year figuring out this podcast thing from trying to get a poorly recorded interview sounding decent to trying to turn my passion into profit and not another expensive hobby. After spending some time figuring this thing out, I wound up gracing the charts with podcasters like Lewis Howes, Jonathon Fields, and Gretchen Rubin!

Ever wonder how I pick my guests for my podcast? I get pitched! I receive 100s of pitches every month, and I have seen quite the mix. There are the shabby ones, which get trashed right away. And then there are those I read and go HECK YES, let’s get you on the show!

I decided to share my knowledge in this course to help other coaches and thought leaders reach new clients organically all while having tons of fun!

If you’re like most of my clients:

  • You love to create content and want it to be seen in a unique way so that you can share your message with the masses

  • You are tired of spending money on Facebook Ad’s and hours on funnels to hear crickets

  • You have the gift of gab and love chatting about your passions, expertise, and stories

  • You really really want to get out in the world and collaborate with other thought leaders and experts around the world

And you know that with a clear plan and a system with the support you can start pitching podcasts with excitement and enthusiasm!

Ready to Be A Purposeful Podcast Guest?

Become A Leading Industry Expert

Podcasting gives you a soundbox to share your story, your message and NETWORK like no one’s business! Gain authority by sharing your expertise with other thought leaders in your industry just by popping on their podcast and sharing your story and knowledge!

Learn How to Pitch Podcast Hosts Like A Pro

Learn how to get on podcasts and navigate the ever-growing Itunes store with ease to get in front of your ideal clients! This program includes pitching templates and videos to show you how to find those perfectly aligned podcasts!


Connect with New Clients and Fans

With over 112 MILLION (YES MILLION!) people tuning into podcasts, your chances of reaching a whole new set of ears just upgraded drastically! Get new raving fans and clients by being a guest on top podcasts and learn exactly how to do it.

See What Coaches Are Saying About PPG

Courtney’s positive energy and expertise on how to book myself as a guest on a podcast is brilliant!  Courtney holds a presence of compassion and wisdom.  She’s clearly done her work and presents the content into clear steps and opportunities that I can implement immediately. Taunya Zipse

MTC, RPC, RYT, Conscious Journey

Courtney was a guest speaker in my mastermind, and my gals loved her Purposeful Podcast Guest presentation. Courtney’s energy and can-do mindset is infectious. She gave the right blend of actionable to do’s, framed all of her recommendations around participants’ core business goals, and she had an answer for every question she was asked. She gave awesome templates and scripts to boot. Courtney lives and breathes podcasts and knows all of the tips and tricks for catching the eye of other podcast hosts. I’ll definitely have her back—and highly recommend her as a speaker, teacher and coach! Alexia Vernon

Founder, Spotlight Speakers Collective

Courtney is an enthusiastically refreshing breath of air to those of us new to the podcast world. I was blown away by her creative approach to thinking outside the box to land appearances on podcasts and how to hit my ultimate goal – to serve more clients.  What I loved the most was how engaged she was with her students, ready to answer questions and brainstorm specific examples that fit each situation.   She’s the go-to professional if you’re looking to land more podcast gigs. Queirra Fenderson

Founder & Head Coach, The Ambition Studio

Are you ready to book new clients, fill up your programs and build your thought leadership?

Course Includes

Unit 1:

  • Learn why podcasting should be your go-to method for marketing and expanding your business reach
  • Have a purpose to pursue pitching and elevate your reach with strategy
  • Understand your why so that you can navigate the 1000’s of podcasts on iTunes and find the ones most aligned with you, your brand and your messaging.

Unit 2:

  • Discover the best topics for you to attract your ideal clients
  • Learn how to shape your expertise for any podcast show
  • Learn insider tips on how to share your story to create deep meaningful connections with an audience

Unit 3:

  • Know exactly how to navigate the 1,000’s of podcasts to find the ones you want to be on
  • Understand how to find aligned hosts who share similar views
  • Learn insider tips for automating the process

Unit 4:

  • Learn how to pitch to a cold lead and a warm lead
  • Have templates to use to get the booking!
  • Learn how to authentically and genuinely connect with a host (you might even make a new friend!)
  • What is expected of you as a guest

Unit 5:

  • Understand the technology side of being a purposeful podcast guest
  • Have a smooth operating interview each and every time
  • Learn how to promote the episode
  • How to follow up with the host to create a genuine connection
Courtney is THE go-to resource for all things podcast! Taking Courtney’s Podcast training brought me from overwhelm and confusion, to ease and clarity. I’m excited, even, to get started on my podcast journey, and Courtney has all the tools to get you on your way! Tracy Lewis

Speaker and Coach

Are you ready to book new clients, fill up your programs and build your thought leadership?